Soul Eater Doujinshi (SoulxMaka): Upright by NIWA-tori

And with the awesome contributions from mik1o5 and d_angel from livejournal, I bring you Upright by NIWA-tori, a Soul Eater doujinshi centered around SoulxMaka!

Upright by NIWA-tori

Mangaka: NIWA-tori
The entire doujinshi cover can be found on her site (1729px ร— 998px) as well as tons of other goodies, so check it out~
RAWs: mik1o5
She inspired the whole project, so if you can, leave her a comment of thanks! Anonymous ones are allowed ๐Ÿ™‚
Translator: d_angel
Please thank her too! She helped with the project tremendously.
Volume || Online
EDIT: To download, see here.
I’ll be scanlating as much as I can from the same sources, depending on what’s available. And pages on the site will be updated soon, so you’ll find more info about future projects and what-not later on.


35 thoughts on “Soul Eater Doujinshi (SoulxMaka): Upright by NIWA-tori

  1. This was a great doujin. The story might have been from a textbook, but it was excellently executed (even if it was funny to read shoujo (or was this even josei?) plot with shounen characters). I wish there were similar doujin about Black Star & Tsubaki…

    Very good work with the translation and editing as well! Thanks for your hard work.

    • Sorry, i’ve only found doujinshi of soul/maka and have no idea where one about blackstar and tsubaki is, but if you find anything like that, feel free to tell me ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. It’s really nice and sweet story.

    Thank you very much to translate this doujin.

    And your work is very good><

      • since you asked so nicely…. I’m willing to send you the files personally, sure :> but do u promise it’s for personal use only, and you’ll give credit by linking back to my and the author’s site if you ever do share it?

      • D: I wanted to read it sooo bad! O:
        Could you send it to me as well, please? I swear I wouldn’t dare do anything like copy it or claim it as mine. I’m also an artist and I write my own manga and if anyone stole my work I’d be PO’d. >.>


  3. hey i was told that you made a realy great soul eater doujinshi,, and now i realy want to read it… please?? ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. I see the links are taken down ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Even though you did have a valid reason, its still sad. Is there any way where I can find/get these? I reeallly want to read it ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  5. this is the worst. this must be a nightmare. yeah, a nightmare.. i just found out bout this recently and finally (sparkling eyes) i thought to myself that im going to have a reeaaaalllyy good doujinshi.
    the symmetry has been broken
    if you don’t mind..i really want to read it..

  6. i promise to use them only for my personal use. u can trust me on this, anyway violating the rules won’t do any good and lying just another so-not cool thing to do.

  7. I want to read this doujinshi. But I can’t buy this, because this is not available in shops… I promise itโ€™s for personal use only. Please?

  8. I saw someone’s video of this on youtube, and since the original Soul Eater isn’t available online in manga form, and I’m a starving college student (no joke, college is rough o.o)…I wanted to read it. I’m really unhappy that it was taken down, for whatever reason. I thought the story looked cute, and the video I watched was quite pretty (MMV style). Is it possible to get this piece somewhere in English?

  9. Could you send it me as well, please?
    I understand your reasons, and I agree with them.I just want to see the doujinshi it looks that it have a realy
    good history, and the art is realy cute.

  10. Please, could I have a copy of Upright too?
    I will not use it for anything but personal except that is it alright if I keep it on my USB instead of a hard drive?

  11. Could you send me the Soul Eater Doujinshi please?
    I thought the art was really nice and it seemed interesting. I watched the anime but there wasn’t much (or none at all) romance in it, so I am really glad that there is something like this about Soul and Maka C:
    I agree to all the terms and conditions.

  12. there was one an Upright doujinshi in youtube, but now the video has been blocked? (O A O)

    well but I really like the pict and story! XD

  13. Well… this is sad. I can’t find translated SoulxMaka doujinshi anywhere!
    Whoever decided to put manga in YouTube videos is stupid… it reduces its quality and makes it a pain in the ass to read. Thanks jerks.

  14. um…eternalight-san? could you please send me the pages too please?

    Like all of the others here, I swear, the files would be buried forever in my computer, not to be seen on any website! Ehe…I promise to follow the rules!! I won’t post or upload it to any site at all!! So…if you could please….I really wanna read it too, with me being a huge SoulxMaka fan…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks a lot! ^^

  15. I promise to follow your rules you have made. I never do anything bad like posting them on other sites. I just want to enjoy them for enjoyments sake. Will you be able to get the link to me sometimes soon? I would be happy if you can. Thanks.

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